[GRASS-user] Query by mouse

Aldo Clerici alcl01 at ipruniv.cce.unipr.it
Tue Feb 13 06:38:44 EST 2007

Dear GRASSusers,

I'm looking for a way for a multiple query with mouse on GRASS6.2 or 6.3.
The Query button in the Map Display of Gis Manager returns the values of the
active (highlighted) map only, even if more maps are displayed.

The r.what command accessed through Raster > Query by coordinate(s) requires
to define the coordinates (even if this is defined as optional) and the
mouse can not be used.

The d.what.rast (and d.where)can be used in command line mode (lower part of
the Output window)but requires the opening of a new external monitor
(Otherwise: No graphics device selected).  

Accidentally I discovered a strange and atypical way for a multiple query.
I highligh the name of a map in the map list of the Gis Manager. In the
panel 'Display raster maps' I manually insert the names of the other maps to
query, separated by commas.  At this point the Query button displays the
content of all specified maps. This works but doesn't seem a neat solution.

Does anybody suggest a better way for a multiple query? 

Thanks in advance

Aldo Clerici

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