[GRASS-user] PostgreSQL support (was: Grass62 on X86_64)

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 14 18:13:16 EST 2007

Daniel Farnan wrote:
> If the issue is information format, as I surmise, cut losses and
> consider the file translation protocols. Like shp2svg to svg2swf for
> certain output - a similar input process could be considered - or
> referenced for users.

but the best format translation software to use is gdal_translate +
ogr2ogr, which means GDAL/OGR must be built with the formats anyway...

> That said, GRASS would generally benefit from some dependency
> independence,

The only way our small devel community can maintain such a huge package
(we all ready have approx 1 million lines of code to maintain) is by
outsourcing bits of the code to other projects, who do each of
their jobs better than we could hope to. It's better we focus our
efforts on what we do well -- bringing it all together.

Making sure all the dependencies are met and supplied in a seamless
manner is a job for the packagers. (e.g. on the Mac you just install
William's frameworks package & it's all there; very simple [for the
user, William may disagree ;) ])


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