[GRASS-user] Re: Cygwin winGRASS 6.2 Errors! (Working!)

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 19 02:30:49 EST 2007

yuri bay wrote:
> it works! 

Thanks for being our guinea pig. We've better instructions now on the
download page for the next time someone tries.

> So the problem is to install all the necessary stuffs, which from our
> previous correspondences includes fftw3, jasper, openssl, libpd4 and 
> postgresql.

did libpd4 and postgresql come from cygcheck DLL errors or previous
discussion? (i.e. are they missing from setup.ini same as jasper, fftw3?)

> Thanks again for all your help, I will now try the network analysis
> aspect and also the simulation animation aspects, which i think work
> better compares to the native binary winGRASS.

You should find everything much more settled with the UNIX version..

> I have tried d.slide.show and the Output monitor shows the following 
> messages but without any monitors
> Displaying vector maps....
> G_Newmap1
> G_Newmap2
> G_Newmap3
> ...
> G_Newmap* are a series of map with one point placed at a different
> location for each G_Newmap, so that in a series they look like
> moving. But there is  no graphic display for this process, only the
> output string from Output monitor.

are you using this sequence of commands?

g.region rast=G_Newmap1
d.mon x0
d.slide.show prefix=G_Newmap

Without an xmon the module will fail with an error before it starts.
Does your x0 display monitor stay white? Do blank frames get drawn?
The g.region call sets the zoom to the extent of the given raster map.
The default region may be sitting near zero.


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