[GRASS-user] Ortho Photo mosaic

Andi andruit at gmx.de
Tue Feb 20 11:32:52 EST 2007

There is a software called ER Mapper....you can download it..
I think it´s the quickest way to put your Orthophotos together...it´s 
really quick.....

Lisa Stillwell schrieb:
> Hi. Does anyone know of a relatively quick method of joining together 
> color ortho photo tiles to create 1 huge image. I need to join about 
> 2000 tiles into one image.
> The individual images are 5000 rows x 5000 columns, and they are all 
> already in the same projection. Is there any software available (free 
> or not)  that can do this quickly (i.e. less that 1 week?) I have 
> tried r.patch and mapcalc in grass, but that seems way too slow. I 
> heard something about gdal_merge.py. Has anyone tried this? BTW - I 
> would like to preserve the projection in the final image and be able 
> to import it into grass.
> thanks,
> Lisa Stillwell
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