[GRASS-user] Raster displaying problem

Radomir dod.mort at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 16:02:37 EST 2007

but the problem is to define the region.
The map is in Polish coordinate reference system (EPSG 2180 - Poland
CS92) with kilometre grid. But the kilometre grid is not parallel to the
latitude/longitude grid. And the inner of the map is along
latitude/longitude. So if I define the region to the kilometre grid I
will still have small unwanted parts and I can't define the region to
the lon/lat grid.
Best regards,

Dnia 24-02-2007, sob o godzinie 21:12 +0100, WolfgangZillig napisał(a):
> set first your region to the inner region of the map.
> then r.mapcalc newmap=originalmap
> then g.region rast=otheroriginalmap,newmap
> then r.patch input=otheroriginalmap,newmap output=patched
> Hope that helps
> Wolfgang
> Radomir schrieb:
> > Hi all,
> > I have the number of scanned maps (all are jpeg's with jgw referenced
> > files). All scans are not prepared by me, and all are scanned as whole
> > sheet (with legend and all other information). So when I display them in
> > grass or qgis, the legend of one sheet overlay the part of the next one
> > sheet (the screen shot is here: http://mort.no-ip.org/screen.png ).
> > Is there any way to don't display the part of raster file?? Or to cut
> > off those parts of scanned sheets??
> > Thanks
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