[GRASS-user] Navicat PostGRESQL and MYSQL

Andreas Neumann neumann at karto.baug.ethz.ch
Sun Feb 25 07:14:44 EST 2007

Hi Kurt,

Yes, PostgreSQL/Postgis is definitely more powerful and tested for 
geographic data than MySQL and SQLite. Also PGAdminIII is a good piece 
of software. There is an installer for PgadminIII for OSX which runs 
withouth problem.

I did a PostgreSQL/Postgis install on OSX (compiled from source) several 
times, following the instructions here: 
http://www.faqs.org/docs/ppbook/x486.htm - although this is written for 
version 7 of Postgresql, the procedure is still the same. Here is also 
an installation tutorial: 
http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.2/interactive/install-short.html It 
requires the Unix development tools (which you can install from the 
Apple Developers CD) and some Unix knowhow, but other than that its a 
step by step thing. I didn't have problems with it.

After installing, be sure to allow network access from other computers 
by following the instructions here: 

and here (pg_hba.conf):


Hope this helps,

Kurt Springs wrote:

> Thanks everyone who answered.  Because of its reputed power in GIS I  
> would opt for PostGRESQL with PostGIS and an pgadmin front end.   
> However I have had trouble in the past trying to install PostGRESQL  
> and could never get it quite right.  I use a Mac with OS X, and it  
> requires me to open two accounts on the operating system, and even  
> following written directions to the letter, it never came out useable  
> and all I ended up doing is taking up space on my hard drive to no  
> useful purpose.  Has anyone else had a similar experience and found  
> away around these problems?  I wish I could describe what was said,  
> but it was some years ago.  After that experience I had been  
> reluctant to try again.
> Is MYSQL any easier to install?  Also, has anyone had success with  
> SQL Lite Browser?
> Thanks for the advice.
> Kurt
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