[GRASS-user] 64 bit or parallel processing

baburao kamble baburaokamble at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 02:56:43 EST 2007

Here are some references of the guys working on Distributed GRASS
modules using open source parallel computing.

r.vi creates a given Vegetation index from a list of 13 of them, most
of them only
requiring Red and NIR. Updated to accept all types of input data.
Authors: Baburao Kamble and Yann Chemin.
 Shamim Akhter  extended this module for mpi verion for cluster.
- r.vi.mpi is the mpi verion for cluster GRASS GIS education (no speed
up here!).
Author: Shamim Akhter


On 27/02/07, Charles Ehlschlaeger <c.ehlschlaeger at insightbb.com> wrote:
> The inherent nature of raster data makes it very easy to implement most
> raster commands in a parallel processing environment. Back in the early
> 1990's, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory wanted to use some of
> my research in spatial data uncertainty modeling. In less than two hours, an
> ORNL programmer and I identified the functions that could be multi-threaded.
> The programmer was experienced with the parallel processing C modules ORNL
> used in its super computer. By the next day, the programmer had my programs
> working on the super computer.
> A quick google search found OdinMP, http://fenixforge.com/projects/odinmp,
> as a possible free open source parallel processer using the OpenMP
> future-standard.
> Chuck Ehlschlaeger, Associate Professor & GIS Center Director
> Department  of  Geography,      Western  Illinois  University
> 215 Tillman Hall,   1 University Circle,  Macomb,  IL   61455
> cre111 at wiu.edu,    phone: 309-298-1841,     fax: 309-298-3003
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> Dear Grass users,
> Has anyone experimented using 64 bit machines or some kind of parallel
> processing for some GRASS modules?  Is it a possible thing?  Does GRAS have
> any modules prepared for such conditions?  I am not a superexpert, I was
> wondering if anyone can give me clues on how can operations be made faster
> using special hardware... for example is I can significantly speed up
> spline interpolation using parallel machines, or clusters (I am shooting in
> the dark, since I am not even sure what clusters are )
> Thanks guys,
> Francesco Pirotti
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Mr. Baburao Dashrath Kamble
Masters of Engineering,
Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems,
School of Engineering and Technology,
Asian Institute of Technology,
Pathumthani 12120, Thailand
Phone No 66-2-524-7416
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