[GRASS-user] Geotiff files

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue May 1 05:08:00 EDT 2007

Pawan Joshi wrote:
> I have some tif files, i want to extract the spatical data from then
> what should i do. I am now using GRASS 6.2  and i have done the
> following 
> r.in.gdal input=xxx.tif output=yy
> AN error message

what does the error message say?

> then i use 
> r.in.gdal -o input=xxx.tif output=yy
> it creats three files in my mapset by the name of
> yy.red,yy.blue,yy.green, what about spatical data.

to get the metadata info from a GeoTIFF use "gdalinfo":
  gdalinfo filename.tif

also try:
  r.info yy.red


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