[GRASS-user] editing grass postscript maps

Tyler Smith tyler.smith at mail.mcgill.ca
Tue May 15 15:53:15 EDT 2007


I'm working on getting my GRASS maps ready for publication. I've
worked my way through ps.map successfully, with eight nice maps. I'd
like to make a single plate with all eight maps. I usually do my
graphics editing with Gimp or Inkscape. However, in Gimp the maps are
very grainy, which I imagine is a consequence of their being converted
from ps to bitmap format. When I try to open them in Inkscape the
vectors come out nice and clear, but the raster layers are completely
absent. I've tried opening them, importing them, and converting them
to svg manually using pstoedit, all with pretty much the same result.

My questions are:

Is there a way to make a multi-map plate directly in GRASS, or

What is the recommended way to manipulate the ps files outside of
GRASS to achieve this? I'm using Debian GNU/Linux, so have ready
access to lots of graphics programs, if anyone can recommend something
better than what I've tried.



Who is your computer working for?


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