[GRASS-user] editing grass postscript maps

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue May 15 22:12:05 EDT 2007

Tyler wrote:
> > I'm working on getting my GRASS maps ready for publication. I've
> > worked my way through ps.map successfully, with eight nice maps. I'd
> > like to make a single plate with all eight maps.
> > Is there a way to make a multi-map plate directly in GRASS, or

Not with ps.map. The new 'd.out.file format=ps' + d.frame might work.

> > What is the recommended way to manipulate the ps files outside of
> > GRASS to achieve this? I'm using Debian GNU/Linux, so have ready
> > access to lots of graphics programs, if anyone can recommend
> > something better than what I've tried.

Dylan wrote:
> how about concat-ing the figures into a single PS file, then
> converting to a PDF with 8 pages per sheet ?

a2ps --landscape --columns=4 --rows=2 -o outfile.ps [FILE(s)]

 or maybe just

a2ps -8 -o outfile.ps [FILE(s)]
ps2pdf13 outfile.ps

I think you can pass it multiple input file without having to use cat


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