[GRASS-user] r.sim.water & time-stepped walkers

M S mseibel at gmail.com
Wed May 16 10:17:40 EDT 2007

I am still investigating the outputs of various simulations I ran, and may
eventually answer my own question.  However, I am hoping someone with
experience using this module can provide some insight or guidance.

First off, the r.sim.water is very cool!  Especially an animation sequence
of walkers I saw in a document online by Helena Mitasova
that referenced this gif animation: (

However, under various simulations I am getting no walker output for some
time steps through the simulation.  Also, if the simulation is not
time-stepped no walkers are outputted.  Using v.info I am getting one point
for walker output.  If I step through the simulation 10 times, I get walker
output on the 1st step, the 9th and 10th step, and only one walker point for
all the other steps.  In other simulations that had 8 steps, I might have
gotten walker output for 2 of the 8 steps.

I am still tuning the input parameters and checking results.  If anyone has
some suggestions relating to this issue I would greatly appreciate it!

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