[GRASS-user] How can i open vector files having dgn format

Pawan Joshi josh_0882 at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 03:46:11 EDT 2007

Hello all ,,

   How can i open vector files having dgn format. when i m using "v.in.org -o"

It is running without any error message but when i m displaying the map there is not any relevant display according to the Geo-reference. The map region belong to 22N,21N,76E,77E. but there is no data in that region but when i select the whole word as a region for that dgn vector map i have a number of lines and circle as a data on using d.vect ................ 

What is the proper command OR grass does not support it well. as i have already send the same problem, please don't direct your reply to some other  URL.
 That is having the information of supported vector format for Grass6.2


Pawan Joshi 


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