[GRASS-user] problems with r.cost

Paul Haverkamp pjhav at ucdavis.edu
Wed May 23 13:44:44 EDT 2007

Hi Hamish,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am using 6.2.1, and g.region -p gives the info:

projection: 1 (UTM)
zone:       10
datum:      nad83
ellipsoid:  grs80
north:      4269999
south:      4180119
west:       598614
east:       651978
nsres:      3
ewres:      3
rows:       29960
cols:       17788
cells:      532928480

I'm trying to run with the resolution of 3m, but when I change it to 30m,
there isn't a problem.  Using much smaller regions doesn't seem to have
this problem.  So is the file just too large at too small of a resolution?
 I'll try to run Spearfish and let you know.

thanks again,


> Paul Haverkamp wrote:
> > 
> > i'm a very new user to grass and am using r.cost in grass6.2.  i'm
> > trying to run a cost analysis on my raster and having some difficulty.
> which version of 6.2? 6.2.0 or 6.2.1?
> how big is your region? (g.region -p) Does it happen if you make the
> region smaller or adjust the resolution?
> can you reproduce it using the Spearfish demo dataset? if so, can you
> post instructions with that in the grass bug tracker?
> thanks,
> Hamish

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