[GRASS-user] Is d.vect connected to other database than db.*?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu May 24 01:51:45 EDT 2007

Maximilian Krambach wrote:
> I got two computers (both ubuntu edgy, grass 6.2.1) working on the
> same grass project (not simultaneously, one at home, one at work).
> However, the users are named different, so the  $GISDBASE is as
> following:
> /home/user1/database/location/mapset
> /home/user2/subdirectory/database/location/mapset
> Now user2 has a problem with d.vect. Whenever querying something from
> a vector, there goes the error "DBMI-DBF driver error: cannot open
> database: /home/user1(!)/database/location/mapset". db.connect is set
> correctly to '/home/user2/...' Is there another connection of
> databases to be done?

Use v.db.reconnect.all in user2.

v.db.reconnect.all old=/home/user1/database/location/mapset/dbf/ \

see also the v.db.connect module, $MAPSET/VAR, $MAPSET/vector/$mapname/dbln,
and make sure $MAPSET/dbf/ is copied too, not just $MAPSET/vector/.


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