[GRASS-user] v.in.ascii don't work

Poizot Emmanuel poizot at cnam.fr
Tue May 29 03:31:38 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm unable to input  text file in GRASS using v.in.ascii.
I'm (trying) working on GRASS 6.2.1 under Ubuntu Fiesty

I have a text file (test.txt) which containing:

I would like to import it in a new layer with the following command:
cat test.txt | v.in.ascii  out=test columns='nul int, x double, y 
double, val double' fs="|" x=2 y=3 z=0

and the outputs of that command is:

Maximum input row length: 20
Maximum number of columns: 4
Minimum number of columns: 4
column: 1  type: integer
column: 2  type: double
column: 3  type: double
column: 4  type: double
Building topology ...
0 primitives registered     
0 areas built     
0 isles built
Attaching islands:
Attaching centroids: Topology was built.
Number of nodes     :   0
Number of primitives:   0
Number of points    :   0
Number of lines     :   0
Number of boundaries:   0
Number of centroids :   0
Number of areas     :   0
Number of isles     :   0

So no points are imported in the layer.
I turn around that problem wich normally should work, as what I raed 
everywhere, but not for me !!



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