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nearly everybody would be interested, but nearly nobody has own time
for help. In case, nobody should write you directly, just have a look
at GRASS modules examples, they are IMHO very illustrative:



2008/8/1 Jonathan Greenberg <greenberg at ucdavis.edu>:
> We've updated/fixed/improved starspan over the past few months, and even
> began to create a grass interface for it:
> http://starspan.casil.ucdavis.edu/doku/doku.php?id=grass
> Unfortunately, our amazing programmer Carlos Rueda has left for greener
> pastures (congrats to Carlos on his new job!), so we were hoping to get some
> grass experts with a few hours on their hands to help finish a grass wrapper
> for starspan (and possibly have it included in a future grass release?)  If
> anyone is interested, send me an email.
> The main website is http://starspan.casil.ucdavis.edu
> Cheers!
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