[GRASS-user] v.info vs. r.info: different region output format

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Fri Aug 1 18:13:31 EDT 2008

Sebastian Holler pisze:

>  > v.info -g precip_30ynormals
>  north=36.49917
>  south=33.99472
>  east=-75.62194
>  west=-84.02389
>  top=1615.440000
>  bottom=2.438400
>  > r.info -g elev_ned_03arcsec
>  north=35:54:40.666666N
>  south=35:35:17.334885N
>  east=78:27:08.335106W
>  west=78:49:17.333333W
> Is there any reason for the different outputs or is this a bug?

Not a bug but a "bad feature". Although the curent behaviour is not
good, I'm affraid it cannot be changed during GRASS 6 devel line not to
brake software that might depend on it. Please fill a defect report in
Trac and the issue maybe will be fixed in GRASS 7.


Maciej Sieczka

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