[GRASS-user] GRASS export GeoTiff adventure :-)

Nikos Alexandris nikos.alexandris at felis.uni-freiburg.de
Sat Aug 2 16:20:20 EDT 2008

By the way, what is the "correct" nodata value for a "Byte" image? I
mean, won't I loose information if I give nodata=0 to my RGB aerial
photos? And the default nodata=255 is not exactly convenient I think.

On Sat, 2008-08-02 at 12:17 -0700, Dylan Beaudette wrote:
> I am glad that this topic is getting some traction again. I have
> noticed that r.out.gdal does not always produce images readable in
> ESRI products. Heck, sometime the resulting TIFF would not even be
> readable by QGIS. This was some time ago, and associated with several
> blog postings / trac tickets:
> Posts:
> 1. http://casoilresource.lawr.ucdavis.edu/drupal/node/337
> 2. http://gfoss.blogspot.com/2008/06/gdal-raster-data-tips-and-tricks.html
> Ticket:
> 3. http://trac.osgeo.org/grass/ticket/73
> It would be a good idea to get this fixed in GRASS64 before marching
> into GRASS7 as import/export operations are fundamental to GIS work.
> Cheers,
> Dylan


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