[GRASS-user] GRASS export GeoTiff adventure... continued :-)

Nikos Alexandris nikos.alexandris at felis.uni-freiburg.de
Sun Aug 3 12:43:11 EDT 2008

> I have one last idea. Type is Byte, but NoData Value=-9999, out of range 
> for Byte. Maybe that causes a problem? Can you try with nodata=0, then 
> NULL cells in the GRASS raster should appear black in the GeoTIFF?
> If that fails too, maybe it's the COLOR_TABLE_RULE entries. Then try 
> data type = INT16, not UINT16, after removing the colour table with 
> r.colors -r, this should remove both any colour table and these colour 
> table rule entries in the GeoTIFF metadata.


I did try also with nodata=0 before my first post but the region was set
to a bigger "block" which sort of includes all of my images. And I could
not see anything.

After adding the "g.region rast=$i" (zooming in each single photo) in my
loop I can see images properly.

What is the role of the active region? Maybe nothing... Now I add
nodata=0 and both, g.region rast=block or g.region rast=$i in my export
loop give viewable photos. I can't reproduce this behaviour any more :-?

Have no idea...

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