[GRASS-user] XTF reader neede - triton format for sonar

Patton, Eric epatton at nrcan.gc.ca
Wed Aug 6 14:55:42 EDT 2008

>But sounding out a plan of action doesn't cost much, so...
>I had considered a few alternatives:
>- create a generic libxtf (LGPL?)
>- GRASS support via a new C module (without a libxtf)
>- postgis import tool
>- sqlite import tool
>- stand alone command line converter to csv or xml ascii format
>  (then shell script or python script importer to GIS)
>- volunteer to hack support for it into MBSystems (see libxtf above)
  (then work on MBSystems -> GRASS workflow code)

An XTF to ASCII conversion tool would be most welcome; we use Knudsen 3.5 kHz sounders quite a bit for sub-bottom profiling, and you're pretty much stuck working in Knudsen GUI to convert/process the data.

I work with MBSystems quite a bit; I think any sort of integration with Grass would be a great idea, and would be willing to test/bugcheck/document any new modules developed for it (sorry, can't contribute coding...yet).

I didn't realize the WIKI for Marine Geoscience existed...I'll try to think about any issues I've come across and post to it.

~ Eric.


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