[GRASS-user] Making and Uploading Maps for Garmin Etrex Legend GPS

John Stevenson john.stevenson at manchester.ac.uk
Thu Aug 7 08:17:45 EDT 2008

I have digitised some points, roads and a lake in GRASS and would like 
to be able to upload them onto my Garmin Etrex Legend.

I have been able to use v.out.ogr format=kml to output the points, and 
can upload them to the GPS with gpsbabel. 

However, I would like the roads and the lake to be loaded into the 
built-in maps.  I read a post on the GRASS mailing list archive that 
mentioned cGPSmapper, but it seems like this only works with ESRI shape 
files (v.out.ogr again) if you have one of the paid-for versions.

Is there any open source software that can do this?  Can GRASS export in 
a format that can be more easily converted to be compatible with the GPS?



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