[GRASS-user] Horizontal legend font size

Paul Moen pmoen at nd.gov
Mon Aug 11 15:50:43 EDT 2008

I want to create a horizontal legend for a raster.

The docs say,

> When using the mouse or at to size & place the legend, a user may create a
> horizontal legend by making the box wider than it is tall.

I read the previous line to mean the only way to create a legend is to use
at and make the box wider than it is tall.  Is that correct?  Can I make a
legend horizontal without using at=bottom,top,left,right

The docs also say,

> Vertical legends produced with d.legend will place text labels to the right of
> the legend box, horizontal legends will place text below. This text will be
> auto-scaled to fit within the frame, reducing the size of the legend if
> necessary. Legends positioned with the mouse or with the at option will not
> auto-scale text, in order to provide more control to the user.

The last line that says that the text will not auto-scale when using at,
which means that a horizontal legend¹s text will never auto-scale since the
horizontal legend can only be made by using at to create a box that is wider
than it is tall.  Am I misinterpreting anything?

My problem is that I get a horizontal legend that looks great except the
text is huge and looks awful.

How can I change the size of the text in the legend?

The following are my commands.

d.rast raster at Temp
d.frame -c frame=leg at=1,10,5,95
d.legend -s range=0,13.5 labelnum=5 at=80,100,5,95 map=raster at Temp



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