[GRASS-user] g.list rast not working on wingrass.

Milton Cezar Ribeiro miltinho.astronauta at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 08:44:06 EDT 2008

Dear Maciej,

Thanks for your reply.

I am running wingrass version 6.3.0 on a XP (service pack 2) and I donwload
it from the official site grass.itc.it.
The "g.list rast" fail both on GUI and on command line.
But "g.list vect" works fine.

The error message is not on the "GUI" or Command Line, because it open a
windows dialog with the message "An error was found and the program will be
closed", and when I see the error report I get something like "Error
signature: AppName: g.list.exe AppVer: ModName:
libgrass_gis.6.3.0.dll ModVer: Offset: 0001717e".

In fact, it appears to be a "problem" on this Mapset only, because if I
change the Location/Mapset I can run "g.list rast" without problem. Just to
you know, I left my computer running large processing over two nigths (all
process were done ok, without error message, and the results looks very
fine) as I am working in a very large database (several 60,000x48,000 maps).

Thanks again for your time.

Kind regards

miltinho astronauta

2008/8/14, Maciej Sieczka <tutey at o2.pl>:
> Milton Cezar Ribeiro pisze:
> I don´t know why now I can´t run "g.list rast" on my system.
>> All comands works fine, but when I try to run "g.list rast" I get an
>> error windows (from native windows, something like "illegal call etc"),
>> and the GRASS return an empty list. But the GRASS don´t crach,
>> and I can continue running other commands without problem.
>> Only g.list that is not working.
> What GRASS version exactly (best give a link to where you dowloaded it
> from)?
> What Windows version?
> Does 'g.list rast' fail in GUI or command line? Does e.g. 'g.list vect'
> work?
> Please post the *exact* error message too.
> Maciek
> --
> Maciej Sieczka
> www.sieczka.org
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