[GRASS-user] 6.3 v.distance description faulty / ll degrees notmeters

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 13:29:30 EDT 2008


2008/8/14 Patton, Eric <epatton at nrcan.gc.ca>:
>>I've installed grass 6.3, since in the descritption of v.distance
>>says "In lat-long locations v.distance gives distances (dist and
>>to_along) in meters not in degrees calculated as geodesic distances
>>on a sphere.".
> I can confirm 'dist' units are indeed given in decimal degrees in a
> Lat/Long location in 6.4.

do you mean 6.3?

> Devs, what is the intended behavior of the module? If this behavior
> is a bug, would it be a simple fix? Otherwise, I'll modify the
> docs to mention reported units in degrees.

>From r29568 [1] is distance (in LL locations) given in meters. Manual
pages in 6.3 should be fixed.


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