[GRASS-user] Horizontal legend font size

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 15 01:10:04 EDT 2008

> Hamish wrote:
> > As a general solution, I wonder if we should add a new enviro var
> > GRASS_TEXT_SIZE, which R_text_size() would look for. If it was set
> > it would override whatever was passed to that fn. (use for both width
> > and height options which are usually the same)



> And maybe GRASS_FRAME=t,b,l,r.

what about current frame name?
will frames even survive in some form for GRASS 7?

> But not text rotation.

what's different about that one?

> And then change all of these environment variables into
> GRASS variables, and provide a d.config program to set/get them.
> R_font(), R_text_size(), R_line_width() etc would still exist, but
> would only change the settings for the current process, not
> persistently.

and thus knock away a few more global variables from libgis...
I would wait to make them GRASS variables (and remove global) until

> We probably also want a global scale setting, which would affect
> various dimensions which are currently hard-coded, e.g. the size of
> axis ticks, etc.

I'll have to think about that more.

about d.legend's auto font auto-sizing based on legend length- I was
thinking about changing the calculation to be non-linear & so more even
a size from both a 250 pixel wide legend and a full width legend. Which
for normal use at current monitor size and resolution is great, but for
things like oversampling 4x then cubic rescale in GIMP for pretty output
or for the PS/SVG/etc drivers I wonder if it is better to keep it
perfectly scaled to the frame size rather than expecting the view to
always be targeted to the same number of pixels on the monitor.

e.g. the GpsDrive software (www.gpsdrive.de) was written some years ago
and uses a scale factor as a main part of the map tiles' georeferencing
meta data to show how big 1:50,000 should be on the screen. Trouble is it
was written when 15" 800x600 SVGA was the norm and these days that
calculation becomes an odd historical artifact. I'd like to avoid that.



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