[GRASS-user] windows grass62 downloading error

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 15 09:06:49 EDT 2008

Garret wrote:
> Well, I was trying to get a "bug free" version...
> they were recommending 62 or 63 on cygwin.  

notice that the error message came up for "setup.ini.sig".

IIUC that is an encryption signature file -- it ensures that the binaries you are downloading are the ones that the packager prepared and not some evil trojaned version.

We don't sign our cygwin packages, so we don't have that. I wonder if the newest version of cygwin has some new requirement which makes third party packages harder to install?

if so, you might try the manual install method given at the end of the cygwin download page.

you are the first to see this error, if it is a new cygwin thing I guess that others will soon by reporting the same message.
or maybe there is some "install trusted packages only" checkbox somewhere which needs to be unchecked.

good luck,


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