[GRASS-user] Windows GRASS Python GUI problem

Marco Pasetti marcopstt at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 09:09:35 EDT 2008

Hi Werner,

> I startet the GRASS MSYS Console (which came installed with GRASS i guess) 
> but ..
> there is no grass63 - only a grass63.bat which is producing (obviously) 
> windows crap output as i know that .bat is neither known in *NIX nor in 
> Linux.

it should be due to a bug in my latest WinGRASS installer for XP (and also 
for 2000, maybe)
You should find the correct grass63 file in C:\GRASS\msys\home\C\Documents 
and Settings\"Your Username"
Just rename that folder to C:\GRASS\msys\home\"Your Username"

Now it should work.



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