[GRASS-user] Creating a world file from unreferenced images

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 00:03:48 EDT 2008


Not entirely a GRASS question but I'm hoping someone can point me to
the right direction

I was given thousands (literally!) of topo images in either jpg or
bmp.  My task is to create an indexed raster for viewing in either

The problem: all files do not have a world file!  Each topo is
subsetted to 6 images (probably due to scanning limitations).  There
is also a dwg file for each image showing the image frame among other
layers.  The dwg file is referenced to a lon-lat.

My plan is to get the coordinates of the image frame from the dwg
file, this provides a reference bounding box for the images.  Then
automatically create a worldfile for each image subset.

I'm thinking of using a bash script with gdal, imagemagick.  I also
found something similar in producing a world file here:

Any ideas/pointers on how to solve this?


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