[GRASS-user] How to convert BMP & JPEG files to Shape(.shp) format

Miha Staut mihastaut at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 27 17:39:29 EDT 2008

There used to be the way by using Autotrace. You vectorized the raster to the dxf format and imported it into grass by v.in.dxf. The rasters I was working with used the same projection as my location. I just had to make a v.transform on them and voila. 

Af far as it can be deduced from the homepage, Autotrace is not developed any more. The page, however, is still there and you can grab the sources. There seems to be a gui as well.


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> 2008/8/27 Daniel Victoria <daniel.victoria at gmail.com>:
> > Potrace + Inkscape sounds interesting. Just out of
> curiosity, does
> > anyone knows if it could be used to vectorize scanned
> topo sheets?
> if you have the sheets by "theme", that could
> work.
> By theme, I mean separate rasters for contour, hydro,
> roads, etc...
> That would be an interesting thing to test. How that would
> be imported
> into grass is one thing I am not sure.
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