[GRASS-user] weird dbf file in GRASS 6.4

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 06:56:46 EDT 2008


I am editing a dbf file of a GRASS vector in QGIS.  When I launch the
open attribute table in QGIS it shows a long table of over a thousand
records, but when I open the file in OpenOffice Calc 3.0 it only shows
me 30 records which was the  30 classes I initially converted from
raster to vector.


r.to.vect -v input=x output=x_vect feature=area --overwrite --verbose

My plan is to edit the class categoris of each vector polygon in
OOCalc.  Any ideas why is it like this?  I don't have problems with my
previous vector files when I am using 6.3

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