[GRASS-user] Trouble with v.db.join and sqlite

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 1 22:21:51 EDT 2008

> > I'm not speaking about replacing any content.
> > I'm proposing that if you have a column cat in each
> > table, then the second is renamed to something 
> > like cat2, so that you can have both in the resulting
> > table.
> I think that it would be better to just force the user to
> pick another name for the ocolumn= option. That way, the user
> will know what the column is named.
> Also, in a script, silently renaming the output column may
> result in the script silently producing bogus results.

see also vector v.overlay/main.c which does:

               if ( input == 0 )
                   db_append_string ( &col_defs, ", a_" );
                   db_append_string ( &col_defs, ", b_" );

to rename all columns to show from which map they came from.
In that module the rename is always done so no "surprises".

This probably isn't a good fit for v.db.join, but FYI another data point.



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