[GRASS-user] interpolating intensity points & r.in.xyz

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 2 04:56:50 EDT 2008

Mark wrote:
> I suspect the intensity data may be better for house extraction,
> because the roofs are mostly all uniform in intensity clusters
> values, where with RGB the roof shingles are far to varied for it
> to classify them cleanly without other classes of non-roofs appearing
> all over the map in scattered clusters.


an idea about extracting roofs from LIDAR data- create a slope map from r.in.xyz DEM and run i.cluster etc. on that to extract areas of constant slope. Then threshold that to remove small area noise* (say under 25 sq-m) and large areas (roads, etc).

[*] in vectors this would be 'v.clean tool=rmarea', not quite sure about cluster data, maybe r.grow/r.buffer the null cells then back the other direction and use that as a mask??

Not sure how to separate "big box" Walmarts from parking lots, maybe if you set high slopes to NULL you can turn flat areas into islands, then test each island (r.to.vect areas?) for height departure from the surrounding DEM?? perhaps something with r.neighbors?



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