[GRASS-user] filtering raster clumps before r.to.vect

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 07:01:36 EDT 2008


>From a classification process we are developing, we created a
unsupervised classification from the image.  We then want to select
random locations from the unsup raster as a training area for the 2nd
level of classification.  I think it can be done by: r.to.vect,
v.random, v.extract.  The problem is r.to.vect reports an out of
memory when converting the whole region.  I tried r.neighbors to to
reduce 2-3 pixels clumps.  Probable solution would be r.to.vect at a
smaller region then v.overlay.  Is there a more straighforward way?
Like filtering the raster to include only large clumps from a randomly
selected points before r.to.vect?


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