[GRASS-user] anisotropy and 3d interpolation

ivan marchesini marchesini at unipg.it
Thu Jun 5 07:41:42 EDT 2008

Dear all...
I have this kind of data:

two parallel lines of tomographic seismic profiles, that means (for who
is not a geologist), that I have, along these lines, regularly spaced 3d
points (like a vertical grid of points under the earth surface) each one
having as an attribute a value of the P waves velocity (P waves are
longitudinal seismic waves, high velocity means presence of rocks, low
velocity of sand or clay).
The house for which I did this research is just in the middle between
these two lines (see the next map). I would like to obtain a 3d velocity
model of the terrain just under the house. 

^ North axis
|     ____________________   Tomograpphic profile1
|             _
|            |_|  house
|     ____________________   Tomograpphic profile2
|----------------------------------- > East axis 

It is simple to obtain a 3d voxel map of the area under the house
(v.vol.rst) but it is not simple to obtain an anisotropic
interpolation.... because v.vol.rst doesn't have possibility to define
an ellipsoid of the anisotropy as it is possible to do with v.surf.rst.

Since, for geological reasons, it is clear that there is velocity
continuity (isotropy) along the est-nord plane but not along the Z
plane, I would like to know if someone can suggest me a way to solve
this problem in grass (3d interpolation with anisotropy), or in case,
using some others free-GPL softwares (R?, or there's something else??). 

many thanks for the time you losed reading this post...  :-)


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