[GRASS-user] Display setting in wxPython interface

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 14:08:31 EDT 2008


2008/6/5 doktoreas <thedoktor78 at gmail.com>:
> While working with the new Grass 6.4 ( this morning check-out) I noticed
> that if I set the option "constrain display resolution to computational
> settings" in display setting,it is not saved when quitting Grass.

Settings for each display is saved in workspace file, e.g.

     <display render="0" mode="0" showCompExtent="0" dim="0,0,693,769">

You can set up default settings for newly opened display window from

> Just another thing..is it possible to have also the extent set by default to
> computational setting?

It can be part workspace definition (as 'extent' attribute of
'display' tag). Not free time for that now, please report as 'task' in

When you open new display, extent is always based on computational region.


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