[GRASS-user] Error in v.vol.rst

Manuel Seeger seeger at uni-trier.de
Fri Jun 6 05:40:42 EDT 2008

I trying to generate a 3d DEM of a gully headcut. The point data was 
gained by terrestrial laser scanner.
As I am doing my first attempts, I do not change any parameters from 
that given by default.

This is the result:
v.vol.rst input=BAR1_SCAN_UTM at Georef41 wcolumn=dbl_3 tension=40. 
smooth=0.1 segmax=50 npmin=200 dmin=0.050026 wmult=1.0 zmult=1.0 
elev=Olite_3d --overwrite

1511728 records selected from table

some points outside of region -- will ignore...

strip exists with insufficient data

Processing all selected output files will require 1435616 bytes of disk 
space for temp files

There are points outside specified 2D/3D region--ignored 57754 points 
(total points: 1511728)

Points are more dense than specified 'DMIN'--ignored 1131669 points 
(remain 380059)
Percent complete:

Error in COGRR!

Interp_call failed!

Can someone give me an idea if this is my fault?

Thank you!



Dr. Manuel Seeger
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