[GRASS-user] How to stitch mulitple MapInfo info map files into a single mapset?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 9 23:00:06 EDT 2008

Nithi, Nachi K (Karun) wrote:
> I am wondering whether it is possible to 'stitch'
> together multiple MapInfo .MIF maps (directories)
> as a single vector map using v.in.org ?

Import each map (tile) with v.in.ogr, patch them together with e.g. v.patch, snap closed adjoining lines with 'v.clean tool=snap'. Be careful that all DB tables are of the exact same form, and that a new (ie unique) cat ID column is used if you want to join the tables.

if there are bounding boxes around each map to remove I think you can use the v.clean remove duplicate lines tool, or maybe send the v.clean "error=" map to v.overlay to remove them? (I can't remember the exact method for that right now)



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