[GRASS-user] where are multispectral classification signature files written to?

William Hudspeth wbhk at unm.edu
Wed Jun 11 01:00:37 EDT 2008


I am trying to do a multispectral reclassification with ASTER data.
While the i.cluster and i.class modules seem to run to completion, I
cannot find the signature files to use with i.maxlik. Does anyone know
where the are written to?

Also, when I run i.cluster, I have tried changing many of the
parameters, but find it difficult to get a reasonable number of classes
when the convergence is set to the default 0.98. Are there any
guidelines for working with i.cluster?

It is probably worth noting that I am trying to run i.cluster and
i.class on the output from i.pca...



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