[GRASS-user] square buffeer

Jonathan Aguero-Valverde jua130 at psu.edu
Mon Jun 16 11:10:06 EDT 2008

I think using vectors and some scripting will be the way to go here.

A simple script should be something like this:
1. create a new polygon vector with v.edit
2. for each point in your points vector get the x and y coords  (v.to.db or 
maybe v.report)
3. calculate the vertices of your polygon based on the x and y coords.
4. Add new feature with v.edit
5. add vertices to feature with v.edit.
6. repeat for each point in points vector layer.

You can also use postgres/postgis functions and create the layer in postgis, 
you won’t need a script but you have to learn some about postgis.

Hope this helps.

Jonathan Aguero-Valverde
PhD. Candidate
The Thomas D. Larson
Pennsylvania Transportation Institute
The Pennsylvania State University

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> Hello,
> I am looking for a way to create a square buffer for a point vector so 
> that
> each point is in the end the centroid of a square with defined side 
> length.
> I though about r.mapcalc statements to grow north-south and west-east and 
> then
> somehow create an area from this square. But I have no idea how to do it
> without a lot of hand-work.
> Any idea how to achieve that? Or hints where to find relevant documents.
> Martin
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