[GRASS-user] WinGRASS: Test Build on Vista

marco.pasetti at alice.it marco.pasetti at alice.it
Mon Jun 16 12:38:22 EDT 2008

Hi lists,

I built GRASS 6.3.0 on Vista (Home Premium) through the usual MSYS/MinGW envrironment.
It works fine on my machine, and it seems that it solved the following bugs:


But I need more tests, from both XP and Vista users;
I specially need to know if that build works fine also on XP systems, because at the moment I cannot access my old XP machine to test it by myself.

In this binary release candidate (the 4th for GRASS 6.3.0) I introduced the following changes:

- added libjpeg (6b) library [built from source]
- added JPEG support in libtiff
- added JPEG support in GRASS
- updated libpng from 1.2.24 to 1.2.29
- updated GLS from 1.9 to 1.11
- updated PostgreSQL from 8.2.6 to 8.3.1
- updated SQLite from 3.5.6 to 3.5.9
- added the OGDI tools (3.2.0beta1-4) [prebuilt binaries from OSGEO4W Project]
- updated GDAL from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2
- added the AVCE00 tools (2.0.0) [built from source]
- added the E00compr tools (1.0.0) [built from source]
- added the GPSBabel tools (1.3.5) [prebuilt binaries from GPSBabel Web Site]
- updated tcl from 8.5.1 to 8.5.2
- updated tk from 8.5.1 to 8.5.2

I also tried to add the FFMPEG and wxWidgets supports to GRASS, but I failed for the moment; I'll try to do that next times :-)

The WinGRASS-6.3.0-4 Test Installer is available here:

Any comment or test help will be highly appreciated.
Many thaks guys,

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