[GRASS-user] WinGRASS: Test Build on Vista

John Field JohnField at ozemail.com.au
Tue Jun 17 04:13:05 EDT 2008

Hi Marco,

I loaded the new build under Windows XP and it runs all right, so far 
as my simple usage is concerned - constructing a map from various 
vector layers.

However, as someone new to Grass, my knowledge is not great.  Using 
the print button on the map display, I'm having trouble reproducing 
in a file what I see on the screen
- An eps file does not appear to include the entire region on the 
screen, regardless of the paper size specified (I've tried A4 and A0)
- A pdf file using A4 paper is at least contained within the page, 
although not centrally, but if I specify A0 I get a part map in one 
corner of the page.
Can you point me at relevant documentation to read to try to sort 
this out please?

Many thanks,
John Field

At 02:08 AM 17/06/2008, marco.pasetti at alice.it wrote:
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>Hi lists,
>I built GRASS 6.3.0 on Vista (Home Premium) through the usual 
>MSYS/MinGW envrironment.
>It works fine on my machine, and it seems that it solved the following bugs:
>But I need more tests, from both XP and Vista users;
>I specially need to know if that build works fine also on XP 
>systems, because at the moment I cannot access my old XP machine to 
>test it by myself.
>In this binary release candidate (the 4th for GRASS 6.3.0) I 
>introduced the following changes:
>- added libjpeg (6b) library [built from source]
>- added JPEG support in libtiff
>- added JPEG support in GRASS
>- updated libpng from 1.2.24 to 1.2.29
>- updated GLS from 1.9 to 1.11
>- updated PostgreSQL from 8.2.6 to 8.3.1
>- updated SQLite from 3.5.6 to 3.5.9
>- added the OGDI tools (3.2.0beta1-4) [prebuilt binaries from OSGEO4W Project]
>- updated GDAL from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2
>- added the AVCE00 tools (2.0.0) [built from source]
>- added the E00compr tools (1.0.0) [built from source]
>- added the GPSBabel tools (1.3.5) [prebuilt binaries from GPSBabel Web Site]
>- updated tcl from 8.5.1 to 8.5.2
>- updated tk from 8.5.1 to 8.5.2
>I also tried to add the FFMPEG and wxWidgets supports to GRASS, but 
>I failed for the moment; I'll try to do that next times :-)
>The WinGRASS-6.3.0-4 Test Installer is available here:
>Any comment or test help will be highly appreciated.
>Many thaks guys,
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