[GRASS-user] raster data to ascii

Martina Schaefer smartina at mun.ca
Thu Jun 19 16:16:33 EDT 2008

Hi again and thanks for the answer!

> The GUI has its own set of region settings, so you need to change the
> region from within the GUI to affect how a map is displayed within the
> GUI.
I changed this with GIS Manager -> Config -> Region -> Region, but I 
don't have the impression that this changes anything!

> Or you can explicitly resample the map with r.resamp, r.resamp.interp,
> or r.resamp.stats, then display the resampled map in the GUI.
Ok, that works, but then the display always stays with this resolution, 
even if I open other maps later!

> Which version of GRASS are you using? r.resamp.interp and
> r.resamp.stats aren't present in 6.2.3, only in 6.3.x.
It's  only 6.2.2.

> Data is normally imported into the current location, unless you
> explicitly import into a new location with e.g. r.in.gdal's location=
> option.
> If the rasters have different projections, you will need to import
> each one into a separate location, then switch to the target location
> and re-project the data with r.proj.
No, these are the same projections, so it worked easy and I even could 
do my simple operations between the different raster maps.

Thanks again,


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