[GRASS-user] OpenOSX Grass: x11 installed but not found!

Glynn Clements glynn at gclements.plus.com
Sat Jun 21 05:31:32 EDT 2008

backspaces wrote:

> I just installed the OpenOSX Grass (non-pro) version.
> When I start the application, it complains that there is no X11 installed:
>   Missing Apple X11
>   This application requires Apple's X11. Please install X11 and try again.
>   Would you like to open the Apple X11 page in your web browser?
> But X11 *is* installed!  I can start xterm and so on.  Is this just yet
> another reason for me to use the "framework" version of the OS X Grass
> release for Mac?  I very carefully made sure X11 was installed when I
> installed Leopard.  It shows up in the Applications/Utility folder and
> responds just fine when I double click on it.  I've also got the Developer
> installation, which has X11 libraries.  I mean I'm like totally X11!
> So I guess the questions are:
> - Is OpenOSX Grass broken?
> - Is every thing just fine, other than a spurious error message?
> - Is there a secret trick for telling apps that X11 *is* installed?
> - Would it be better to use one of the other OSX Grass installations?

I suggest that you first try the version from the GRASS website:


If you have problems with the OpenOSX versions, you would be better
off asking OpenOSX. AFAIK, none of the GRASS developers are
particularly familiar with the OpenOSX version.

I suspect that the problem is that the OpenOSX version is out of date. 
Apple's X11 support is something of a moving target. IIRC, prior to
Leopard, it was necessary to explicitly start X11, but that isn't
necessary (and doesn't work) in Leopard.

Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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