[GRASS-user] problem with column label using r.cross

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 24 06:14:18 EDT 2008

Christian Schwartze wrote:
> I use r.cross for combining the raster data values of up to
> 9 layers/maps. The combinations are stored in column label of each
> new generated area. But column label seems to be limited to a specific
> number of characters, so that some information get lost in my case of 9
> combining maps. My label column only shows a subpart like:
> category 2; category 3; category 2; category 0; category 0; category 9; category

(above ends at the 80th character)

> Something is missing in every row. How to solve it?

how are you viewing the cats? where does that cut-short line come from?

I have just done a little test, and it seemed to write the cats file ok.
Both raw if you look in the $MAPSET/cats/$MAPNAME file and printed with r.category. Only issue I found was that the cats file was huge and things like r.info took a long time. As I used fake data I won't worry about that.

my test:

g.region n=4925010 s=4913700 w=589980 e=603000 res=30

for i in `seq 10` ; do
   r.surf.gauss out=surf.gauss_tmp_$i
   r.mapcalc "surf.gauss_$i = int( surf.gauss_tmp_$i )"
   g.remove surf.gauss_tmp_$i --quiet

r.cross input=`g.mlist rast pat=surf.gauss_* sep=,` output=surf.gauss.x



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