[GRASS-user] importing geotif in grass, transformation parameters

Martina Schaefer smartina at mun.ca
Wed Jun 25 10:04:33 EDT 2008

Hi Paul,

> If you run
> g.proj -c georef=filename
> where filename is the name of the file that contains the correct 
> co-ordinate system info, it will overwrite the current location's 
> projection with the correct values. Although only do this if you are 
> sure the projection is definitely correct, and not just a default value 
> that the other software added into the file.
> Add the -i flag as well as -c if you want to be interactively prompted 
> for datum parameters (with some hints on which ones to pick).
This worked fine, besides the -i flag which doesn't exist (?) in my version.
But now I have new troubles....
In LatLong the display of my map is distored and when I try to add a 
grid I get the following error message

PNG: collecting to file: 

Border not yet implemented for LatLong locations: border not drawn.

apparently LatLong is not supported by Grass as I would like to!

Thanks anyway, it was a try :-).


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