[GRASS-user] importing geotif in grass, transformation parameters

Martina Schaefer smartina at mun.ca
Wed Jun 25 13:07:12 EDT 2008

Hi Hamish,

thanks for your patience :-).

>> Border not yet implemented for LatLong locations: border
>> not drawn.
>> apparently LatLong is not supported by Grass as I would
>> like to!

> that just draws a box around the screen with tick marks. just a minor thing which doesn't affect the grid at all.
> to get rid of the warning just to 'd.grid -b' or update to a newer version of GRASS which now supports that.
Ok, I see, I thought that this error message was also linked to the fact 
that my map is distorted and that I couldn't draw a grid.

For the grid I'm fine now, my error was that the units for the gridlines 
are not in degrees, but in rad or something like that.

But my graph is twice much larger than I expected it (and looks quite 
ugly), but probably it's due to the fact that Grass takes the same 
distance for 1degree in NS and EW in LongLat.
It seams also impossible to draw a North arrow and a scale in LongLat.


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