[GRASS-user] wxPython interface, gwx workspace format

Benoit ANDRE benoit.andre at bcgeol.be
Mon May 5 15:34:29 EDT 2008

Hi eveybody, 

I experienced some problem (bogus ?) with the "save workspace" in gxw

When there is a clause "where" in the vector layer, a "=" sign in the
sql query (i.e. d.vect map=essais_psql_grass at 07485 where=termine=1
display=shape,attr type=point,line,boundary,area color=255:255:0
fcolor=255:255:0 lcolor=255:255:0 icon=basic/circle size=5 width=1
layer=1 llayer=1 attrcol=nom xref=center yref=center lsize=8) causes
this message when saving workspace : 

Writing current settings to workspace file failed (too many values to

This not appear if a "<" or ">" sign (... where=termine>1 ...).

Congratulations for this huge development.  
How can I help you, with my few knowledge ?

Benoit ANDRE
Géologue - Hydrologue


Bureau Conseil en Géologie
Rue de Leuze, 433
B-5300 VEZIN

Tél.: +32 81 58 26 11
Fax.: +32 81 58 26 12
Bureau Conseil en Géologie 
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