[GRASS-user] Weird Cygwin -Grass 6.3.3 issues

Manuel Francisco Maestre Páez mfmap at tragsatec.es
Tue May 13 08:36:19 EDT 2008

Hi all

I've been working with the linux version of GRASS since two years with no
problems but now i'm trying to make my GRASS based application in Windows
using the cygwin port. I've noticed that some GRASS commands doesn't work
properly but they don't even show any error nor any output.

I'm very confused because cygcheck don't show me nothing bad about this
commands. And the return code that bash gets is 128.

I have reinstalled cygwin + GRASS today (with the latest stable version)
from Internet on my XP machine and still doesn't work. T_T

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is some example of commands not working at all...

Welcome to GRASS 6.2.3 (2007)
GRASS homepage:                          http://grass.itc.it/
This version running thru:               GNU Bash (Cygwin)
Help is available with the command:      g.manual -i
See the licence terms with:              g.version -c
Start the graphical user interface with: gis.m &
When ready to quit enter:                exit
GRASS 6.2.3 (TEST):~ > g.remove
GRASS 6.2.3 (TEST):~ > g.region -p
GRASS 6.2.3 (TEST):~ > echo $?
GRASS 6.2.3 (TEST):~ >

Thanks in advance.
Manuel Francisco Maestre Páez

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