[GRASS-user] Weird Cygwin -Grass 6.2.3 issues

Manuel Francisco Maestre Páez mfmap at tragsatec.es
Wed May 14 02:43:36 EDT 2008

@Hamish: The path wasn't the problem. ^_^'

@Glynn Clements: It seems that GDAL isn't working either. gdalinfo and
ogrinfo behaves the same way as g.remove and g.region (and many others).

Which libraries do i need to install?

Thanks all for the answers. Keep up the good work!

Manuel Francisco Maestre Páez

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Asunto: Re: [GRASS-user] Weird Cygwin -Grass 6.3.3 issues

Manuel Francisco Maestre Páez wrote:

> I've been working with the linux version of GRASS since two years with no
> problems but now i'm trying to make my GRASS based application in Windows
> using the cygwin port. I've noticed that some GRASS commands doesn't work
> properly but they don't even show any error nor any output.

This is normally due to a problem with DLLs.

Cygwin intentionally suppresses the dialog which normally pops up if a
DLL cannot be found or is incorrect in some way.

> I'm very confused because cygcheck don't show me nothing bad about this
> commands. And the return code that bash gets is 128.

Cygcheck normally identifies these problems, but it isn't foolproof.
ISTR that it doesn't catch the case where a DLL is found but is
incompatible (e.g. doesn't define all needed symbols).

> I have reinstalled cygwin + GRASS today (with the latest stable version)
> from Internet on my XP machine and still doesn't work. T_T
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Here is some example of commands not working at all...

g.remove and g.region both depend upon GDAL (the vector libraries
depend upon GDAL, so anything which depends upon the vector libraries
also depends upon GDAL). Although there are other libraries involved,
GDAL is usually the prime suspect because it usually depends upon many
other libraries.

Do the GDAL tools (gdalinfo, ogrinfo, etc) work?

Glynn Clements <glynn en gclements.plus.com>

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