[GRASS-user] Panning with r.profile or the gis.m profiler

Marco Alicera marco.alicera at gmail.com
Thu May 15 10:11:15 EDT 2008

2008/5/15, Craig Leat <craig at pid.co.za>:
> Maris Nartiss wrote:
> > Use d.where or gis.m identification tool to gather all turning points
> > along pipeline and then feed resulting list into r.profile. Save
> > r.profile output to some text file and then do some GNUPlot
> > black-magic :)
> >
> > Maris
> >
>  Thanks Maris
>  Yes a sequence of d.where runs piped into a file and appended each time
> would work to build the input for r.profile. I didn't think of that - thanks
> for enlightening me :-)
>  Regards
>  Craig


some weeks ago  Andrea Ricci post a solution to export a profile in
.dxf format that can be useful.

i released that i answered out of the list, i will post it again.

i would like to use grass for a similar propose, power line, but i
have been unable to use it, so if you where able to use it, it would
be kind if you tell us how you managed.

best regards

Marco Alicera

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